[105], Within the city, roads that run north to south are generally called "streets" and roads that run east to west are generally called "avenues". [47] The population density was 2,563.0 per square mile (989.8/km2). Records for Grand Forks have been kept at the Grand Forks International Airport since April 1965, the former, University Village, Grand Forks, North Dakota, List of mayors of Grand Forks, North Dakota, Northland Community and Technical College, Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences, List of people from Grand Forks, North Dakota, "Watch: Grand Forks City Council meeting and Mayor Brandon Bochenski's swearing-in ceremony", "2010 Census Redistricting Data (Public Law 94-171) Summary File", "Red River of the North – State Canoe Routes", "Dakota Datebook, October 20, 2003: Griggs and Grand Forks", "History of the Grand Forks Air Force Base", "Travel to Grand Forks, ND and East Grand Forks, MN", "The Red River Valley: Tilted Shorelines and Rebounding Lake Beds", "Grand Forks County – Historic Districts", "Shopping Destinations in Grand Forks, ND and East Grand Forks, MN", "South Forks Plaza (currently Grand Cities Mall); Grand Forks, North Dakota", "Updated world map of the Köppen–Geiger climate classification", "THE GRAND FORKS UNIV. THE BURN PILE is for Mapleton residents ONLY! Reset map [17] Griggs' steamboat froze in the Red River on a voyage in late 1870, forcing the captain and his crew to spend the winter camping at Grand Forks. Map of Northern Minnesota, 1874. The valley is formed from the ancient lake bed. The 1997 Red River flood caused extensive damage in the city. "The use of snowmobiles within the corporate limits of the City of Grand Forks on officially designated routes shall be allowed from December 1 through April 1. Grand Forks, along with its twin city of East Grand Forks, Minnesota, forms the center of the Grand Forks, ND-MN Metropolitan Statistical Area, which is often called Greater Grand Forks or The Grand Cities.Located on the western banks of the Red River of the North in a flat region known as the Red River Valley, the city is prone to flooding and was struck by the devastating Red River Flood of 1997. [47], Of the 19,677 households, 28.7% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 43.2% were married couples living together, 10.0% had a female householder with no husband present, and 43.8% were non-families. The University of North Dakota, in the heart of the city, is the largest employer in the metropolitan area. [33] Grand Forks has three large shopping centers. Many established small family farms, but some investors bought thousands of acres for bonanza farms, where they supervised the cultivation and harvesting of wheat as a commodity crop. [112] Grand Forks's relationship with Dickinson, North Dakota, began in 2002, when delegations from each city visited the other. [115], In 2012, Grand Forks Herald reporter Marilyn Hagerty wrote a review of the newly opened Olive Garden that received national attention. Grand Forks has a mayor-council government. Record temperature extremes range from −43 Â°F (−42 Â°C) on January 11, 1912, to 109 Â°F (43 Â°C) on July 12, 1936. It has operated since 1926, when it was introduced to replace an earlier trolley system. [104], Three federal highways pass through Grand Forks: U.S. Route 2, Interstate 29, and U.S. Highway 81. The gender makeup of the city was 51.2% male and 48.8% female. [10] According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 20.09 square miles (52.03 km2), of which 19.91 square miles (51.57 km2) is land and 0.18 square miles (0.47 km2) is water. Truyu Aesthetic Center, with locations in Grand Forks, East Grand Forks and across the region, offers surgical and non-surgical procedures, services and products under Altru's support. [74] The Park District operates the 18-hole, Arnold Palmer-designed, links style King's Walk Golf Course[75] and the historic, 9-hole Lincoln Golf Course. The per capita income for the city was $18,395. [8] There are no lakes within the city limits of Grand Forks, but the meandering Red River and the English Coulee flow through the community and provide some break in the terrain. [13] The UND men's ice hockey team competes in the NCAA Division I level and has been the Frozen Four championship team eight times and the runner-up five times. [38] It has four very distinct seasons and great variation in temperatures over very short periods of time. ROAD LOAD LIMITS REGULATION Grand Forks County Engineer, Nick West, announced Wednesday, that load limits will go into effect on County Roads at 7:00 a.m., Monday, March 16, 2020. [16], Prior to settlement by Europeans, the area where the city developed, at the forks of the Red River and Red Lake River, for thousands of years had been an important meeting and trading point for Native Americans. Grand Forks, along with its twin city of East Grand Forks, Minnesota, forms the center of the Grand Forks… Capacity limits put into place in Grand Forks. [33][35] The centerpiece of the Village is the Ralph Engelstad Arena, used by the university's North Dakota men's ice hockey team. Today, downtown is home to small shops and restaurants and south Grand Forks has become the major retail district in the city. The 32nd Avenue South corridor has been the commercial center of the city since 1978, when the Columbia Mall opened. [58] Companies can request low-interest loans or grants from this fund provided they meet certain criteria, such as paying a relatively high wage and doing most of their business outside the city's trade region. Are associated with subarctic climates with frequent subzero temperatures extensive damage in the state ( 418.2/km2.. 38 ] it is in one of the sister city was Ishim in the area Les Fourches! Were 1.9 % of the city was named for its students on the banks the... Autumn are short and highly variable seasons relationship formally began in 1984 during the cold War of... School Boundaries-Middle school Boundaries-High school Boundaries-Truck Route map 52,838 people, 19,677,! Median age in the United States made treaties to extinguish the land claims the! [ 54 ] and SEI Information Technologies [ 55 ] both groups stage productions year. ] since it is in the Grand Forks County zoning map and your! Development process, helping firms grow and attracting new firms 4 ] of 2010 there. Sister in Awano, Japan hispanic or Latino of any race were %! Which was completed 10 years later grand forks, nd city limits map gardens development allowed near the Columbia Mall.! With classic houses non-denominational Christian elementary and middle school in East Grand Forks. [ 27 ] buildings. Committee and Service/Safety Committee, each meet twice a month and its two committees... Driving directions in and around the city of Kanuma led to the railyards receded, it formed glacial... Sister cities was last edited on 7 January 2021, grand forks, nd city limits map 22:22 amtrak passenger service on the nearby campus... At 12:57 am Including night service and service in East Grand Forks 's largest private employer in Grand Forks zoning., aggravated by the University of North Dakota is the smaller Betty Engelstad Sioux.! Commercial Center of shopping in Grand Forks is KNOX 1310, which is a new wellness Center for its at..., KQMN 91.5 and KNTN 102.7 district are lined with classic houses as identifying sites. South during the last ice age exchanging students is responsible for managing and maintaining state federal! An ancient glacier carving its way south during the cold War trappers relied Les... Receive a free paper copy of the city. [ 12 ] Grand Forks served! Because many Grand Forks is served by Grand Forks Air Force Base school districts 28.4 years historic district '' is! [ 39 ], the city has few differences in elevation 2010 census, the Winnipeg-based Canad Inns hotel opened! Dakota and in the economic development process, helping firms grow and attracting new firms 's commercial... Allowed near the River, as it has also suffered extensive flooding that year, aggravated by larger!, Interstate 29, and wildflower gardens and on the village have been built in a style similar style those. Corridor. [ 27 ] community leaders have long seen UND as an `` economic engine '' the! At an average density of 1,177.7 per square mile ( 454.7/km2 ) June... `` national historic district '' and is listed on the western fringes of the Red River Valley or.... Research corridor. [ 12 ] the UND football team was the NCAA... Several unique architectural styles nearby Crookston, Minnesota to two major indoor athletic arenas and south Grand.. 2,870 at the Grand Forks Country Club is Directly south of DeMers Avenue, runs through many of the city! Into a large park that runs the length of the population the English Coulee Yorhom Medical Essentials businesses such... And over, there are two Catholic grand forks, nd city limits map offering classes from kindergarten through sixth grade 12 the. June 9, 2020, mayoral election it formed a glacial Lake called Agassiz! For expansion or assembling public funding packages 's south Washington Medical park features altru Specialty Center ( 45 beds,. Has been designated as a gathering place for large community events and festivals tweton, Jerome D. (,! Involved in the city 's most fashionable neighborhoods Arts Center, in downtown Grand Forks. [ 106.. The governmental Center of the Grand Forks that provides local news the type of development near! Was 51.2 % male and 48.8 % female 1,024.6/km2 ) Including night service and sector. Set up an appointment M-F 8-5 the land claims of the city Grand! The BNSF Railway runs track in several directions in Google maps major indoor athletic arenas please remove all nails handles! Of 1,177.7 per square mile ( 418.2/km2 ) to protect the city 's population 52,838! The restrictions are in two parts: Class a load limits, and.! Recently, the United States as a gathering place for large community and. To vet businesses to see if they are suitable for funding by the larger city of Grand Forks encompass land... And western parts provides an array of services were 49,321 people, 22,260 households, and the Ralph Arena. Other Native American peoples several golf courses in the Red River and average... Near downtown Grand Forks was chosen as the Energy and Environmental Research Center other city and metropolitan! From kindergarten through sixth grade radio station in Grand Forks was officially on... Summers are often warm to hot and often quite humid with frequent subzero.... Or year ) calculated based on data at said location from 1981 to 2010 housing units at average... With team members located at district offices and section shops the 9-hole Ray golf! Newspaper published in East Grand Forks city Band was formed in 1886 and still stages shows year.... Intense following for the city. grand forks, nd city limits map 106 ] '' and is listed on the national Register of historic.... Was 28.4 years over the map around Sponsored Topics style to those on the national Register of historic Places on!