Sheet: 19.C INCREASE YOU? 05. 08. 13. HOW YOU SIGN W-E? (Is there a subway in your city? TOMORROW EAT NOON, YOU WANT SOUP AND SALAD? (Does your bathroom have a tub?) STORE, YOU LIVE THEREABOUTS? (What kind of soup do you like? And because good communication also involves manners, learning some basic do’s and don’ts of Deaf etiquette is also helpful. (Do you like a lot of salt on your (Are you going steady with someone?) 07. (What do you enjoy doing?) ), 11. PAST TAKE ? Do you think that someday you will teach ASL? (Is your bedroom a little bit dirty?)12. SHIRT, YOU HAVE FAVORITE? (What do you enjoy doing? ), 14. "), Practice Sheet: 02.D 6 Free worksheets in PDF format containing indvidual sets of signs to help children learning to sign. Comes in both color and black and white! Practice Sheet: 16.D HOW? YOUR CHURCH SEND MISSIONARY? (Do you like bananas? (Do you look good in 03. UP-TO-NOW, YOU MOVE HOW-MANY TIME? YOUR FAVORITE TIME YEAR WHAT? SUPPOSE YOUR DAD DIVORCE, MARRY NEW WOMAN, SHE YOUR WHAT? WANT BECOME INTERPRETER YOU? YOUR SIGNing, (Do you like hot weather?) (Which do you prefer, taking a bath or taking a shower?) 05. [POP, CANDY, NOTHING, ONE DAY? Practice COUSIN, HOW-MANY YOU? (Are you going back home after class?) Your neighbor is very rich and stubborn. sisters do you have? (Do you like cookies and milk?) YOUR CAR, (Do you draw well?) YOU LIKE? YOUR _______, COST HOW-MUCH? ASL BOOK, YOU LOSE BEFORE YOU? (Do you like to watch close-captioned BACKPACK, YOU HAVE? There is also a black and white version of each file. YOU LIVE BASEMENT APT? 17. 09. 12. YOU THINK THIS CLASS EASY? 09. (Do you like to fish?) (Have you registered for school (Have you ever lost your ASL book?) YOU FEEL FRUSTRATED WHEN? 08. (Would you wait a half-hour if (Do you like the color brown?) YOU AFRAID HIGH-[heights]? ), 10. 03. (Are there any engineers in 19. 15. YOUR BELT, COLOR? NOW-MORNING EAT WHAT? (Are you going to school tomorrow?) (Do you have a backpack?) YESTERDAY, SCHOOL FINISH AFTER-[FROM-THEN-ON] what-DO YOU? (What kind of soup do you like?) "ASL TEACHER YOU?" 09. "Scotland"-[plaid] YOU FINISH TOUCH YOU? 09. (Why do deaf people tend to gather in the kitchen?) TRAIN TRAVEL, YOUR TEA, YOU WANT HOW-MANY SUGAR? ), Practice CHILDREN YOU? HOW SIGN S-C-I-E-N-T-I-S-T? YOU PREFER PIZZA OR HAMBURGER? GRAPES, YOU EAT HOW OFTEN YOU? YOU LIKE HIDE AND SEEK YOU LIKE PLAY? NECKLACE, GOLD, YOU HAVE? Practice Sheet: 19.B 15. YOUR CHAIR GREEN? 19. you think is interesting. HORSE LIKE EAT FISH? YOUR BEDROOM DIRTY LITTLE-BIT? (Do you like ketchup on your eggs? 13. 12. (Do you like to meet new people?)17. friendly or are they mean?) ), 11. 14. ), TODAY, YOUR LAST CLASS WHAT? ), 2. (Do you like pickles on your (Do some cats like water?) KNOW+ SILVER DOLLAR CL:C-[index and thumb], YOU HAVE YOU? SUPPOSE YOUR DOG SICK, YOU CARRY VET? SHOES, YOU NEVER EAT CANDY YOU? (Do you have a picture of your family?) YOU HAVE, HOW-MANY ? TAKE-UP ASL FOR-FOR? (Do you think finding new addresses is easy?) IF NOT GO SIGN CLASS, NOT CHAT DEAF, YOUR SIGN DECLINE? Sheet: 30.B 06. 04. "YOU LEARN SIGN, WHY ?" 20. (Are you a hearing person?) (Do you need help learning sign language?). (Are you a teacher?) HAVE PET YOU? Practice Sheet: 19.D 13. Practice HOW-MANY MINUTE EQUAL 09. Sheet: 26.B 14. wreck?) IF-[suppose] TEACHER SPELL SLOW, YOU UNDERSTAND S/HE? YOU THINK FUTURE YOU TEACH ASL? (Do you ride the bus to school?) 13. YOU PREFER DEAF-SCHOOL YOU? YOUR FAVORITE VEGETABLE WHAT? (What do you enjoy doing?) (Do you like pepper in your soup? HOW YOU UP-TO-NOW? (How do you make French toast?) (Are they learning sign language?) (How often do you often eat grapes? (Would you like soup and (Do you think bed rest will help when you are sick?) ("Where in your house? 05. 01. 12. (Do you have your own office?) 02. ), 12. (Who does most of the cooking in your family? SOME 07. (What color is your paper?) 03. Sheet: 13.C Practice Sheet: 17.D Contents Sign language phrases in ASL (American Sign Language). 17. hours, would you be tired?) YOU FAVORITE-[prefer], HAMBURGER [body-shift-"or"] HOTDOG? 14. 04. WATCH-casual TV, YOU PREFER WHICH? 20. (What is your boss's name?) (What color are your socks?) 19. 20. YOU MAKATON - sign language M., who I met on the facebook, in connection with MEC, advised me to have a look at the MAKATON signs that she uses with her daughter to connect the two languages. Practice Sheet: 22.A 15. (Which do you like better, summer or winter?) YOU FEEL ANXIOUS, WHEN? YOU ("How-many 09. YOUR TV CLOSE-CAPTIONED? YOUR HOUSE, FRONT FIELD-[yard] TREE HAVE? 05. 18. use? Practice Sheet: 11.B06. 10. (Would you like soup and (Have you ever been on an airplane before?) YOUR PANTS, YOU PUT DRESSER, "HANG-UP" WHICH? SIGN FAST? 14. HAPPEN YOU AFRAID, YOU WHITE-[faced-"pale"]? (Which JOB YOU APPLY BEFORE, HOW-MANY? WISH HAVE your-SELF HELICOPTER YOU? (What did you have for dinner yesterday?) 09. at the movies?) ou learn someone who is fingerspelling tand ou. C-H-E-S-S, YOU Resources from Cath Smith at Deafbooks. 08. Practice Sheet: 16.C (Does you teacher have an aide?) Contact us. Practice Sheet: 05.C11. (What color is that table? This week, we’re offering a set of free flashcards for learning the American Sign Language alphabet!. SUMMER VACATION, YOU GO-TO-BED what-TIME? (Is there a subway in your city?) 20. YOU PREFER CLOTHES BRIGHT, DARK, WHICH? Every-MORNING, YOU HURRY-[rush] SHOWER, CLOTHES, EAT, GO-[take-off] SCHOOL U-S, PRESIDENT, WHO? 04. But, that's not enough? SATURDAY NIGHT, I GO PARTY, WANT ACCOMPANY-me? 18. "), Practice Sheet: ENGLISH, YOU LIKE STUDY? 18. 07. SHOES, YOU HAVE HOW-MANY ? 07. (What color is your shirt?) 17. BEFORE-[prior-to] MEET NEW PERSON YOU LIKE BRUSH-TEETH? ), 11. YOU LIKE WASHING-MACHINE CLOTHES? YOU USE DEODORANT YOU? YOU THINK CUTE, WHO? (Do you like to wear dresses?) YOU LIKE CHAT-WITH DEAF? SUPPOSE YOU GO MOVIE, YOU LIKE EAT POPCORN? 06. (Do you want to be an interpreter? (What color is your sink?) OLD BOY-FRIEND, [or girlfriend], PICTURE YOU KEEP? YOU FINISH WATCH MOVIE "__________?" 02. popular movie]) YOU? TRUE FALSE TEST, YOU LIKE? etc.] STUDENT FAIL CLASS, WHY? YOUR FAVORITE FOOD, WHAT? RIDE-ON BEFORE? (Would you rather cook using a stove or a microwave?) DOCTOR APPOINTMENT, YOU HAVE? 19. 03. IF NOT GO SIGN CLASS, NOT CHAT DEAF, YOUR SIGN DECLINE? [bodyshift]-OR WINTER, YOU LIKE BETTER WHICH? what-TIME? (What was the color of your first car?) (Which do you prefer 03. ), SHOES, ), 02. (What do you enjoy doing?) 18. (Are you coming to school next week? Practice [Point at any object.] ), 05. 08. (Are you Deaf?) 19. YOU 19. 16. [mime rubbing deodorant under your arm] (Do you 19. INTERPRETER LIST, YOU HAVE? 08. (Do you keep wet wipes in your car?) Try out my new free printable ASL alphabet flashcards. YOUR BELT, COLOR? YOU THINK GO-TO-BED 10. (Do you like building snowmen?) YOUR COMPUTER HAVE WEB-CAM?14. LEARN SIGN, YOUR HEARING-AID, BATTERY, WHAT-KIND? what-DO? 08. YOUR RETIRE, how-OLD ? 06. (Do you know the teacher's UNCLE, HOW-MANY YOU? HOW YOU SIGN L-E-F-T? MOST FARMER STRONG? (What did you do recently? SUPPOSE SICK, YOU [if so] WHAT-huh? 02. Sheet: 29.A YOUR 06. 19. (Do you think firemen are brave?) TOPIC YOU DON'T-CARE WHAT? HEARING-AID BATTERY, YOU NOT-YET CHANGE YOU? Practice Sheet: 15.C MOVIE, GO TUESDAY NIGHT, GOOD, WHY? (Would you WATER YOU DRINK EVERYDAY, CUP HOW-MANY YOU? 02. Sheet: 15.A TIE YOU HAVE? last-YEAR TICKET HOW-MANY YOU? (Who picks up 05. (Which would you APPLE, RED, YOU LIKE EAT YOU? Check out this free printable American Sign Language alphabet flashcards pack. (Does your mom have brown eyes?) YOUR S-I-N-K, COLOR? 18. like pancakes and sausage for breakfast tomorrow? These phrases will enable you to communicate with deaf people and expand on your vocabulary. SIGN, WHY? 09. class?) (Do you 09. BICYCLE, HAVE YOU? YOUR HOUSE, CLOTHES DIRTY, WHO PUT-(in)++, BASKET? (Who does most of the cooking in your family?) YOUR MOM EYES BROWN? 19. BREAD, NEW, YOU LIKE SMELL? HOW YOU SIGN T-H-E-Y? 10. 15. 13. Letter and Number Chart-Filled-With Label, Letter and Number Chart-Outline-With Label. ), Practice ), WHO YOU PROUD ABOUT WHAT? Practice Sheet: 17.B (How many days are in a week?) 08. 19. [bodyshift]-OR WINTER, YOU LIKE BETTER WHICH? ), YOUR 12. "S/HE STUDENT S/HE?" 13. YOU WANT GO GALLAUDET FUTURE-[someday]? YOUR FAVORITE SIGN. 03. hamburger? (How often do you often eat grapes?) [ASL TEACHER, DOCTOR, MECHANIC, etc.] 06. YOUR SUPERVISOR, WHO? BUY WINE, MUST how-OLD? 4th grade. 18. What is its name?) SCHOOL FINISH, YOUR MOM PICK-UP YOU, (Do you sometimes feel lonely?) Sep 4, 2014 - American Sign Language Alphabet - Public Domain image from section: sign language/ at (Do you keep pictures 17. . do you live?") 14. 16. 17. (How many did you miss on the Feb 10, 2017 - Sign language is relatively easy to learn for non hearing impaired individuals. (Is your refrigerator full?) previously?) 11. [ASL BOOK, SHOES, HOUSE, COMPUTER, 05. "R-O-C-K-E-T"? FIRST CAR, what-COLOR? PEOPLE NAME, FORGET EASY YOU? [point at teacher] (Is she or he a student?) YOUR SISTER FAT? 06. (Do you know where the center for the deaf is? AUTUMN, WIND-[light], COOL, YOU LIKE CL:1-"go for a stroll"? 10. 14. ), 20. SUPPOSE TEACHER NOT COME, WAIT 1/2-HOUR YOU? YOUR FAVORITE RESTAURANT WHAT? 03. ), Practice 14. hearing-aid battery yet? (Do you look like your father?) ADDRESS WHAT? YOU PRACTICE 16. (Do you look like your dad?) (Is your boyfriend SIGN, WHY? (Is there a window in your bedroom?) 03. ), Practice YOUR HOUSE, FURNITURE, what-COLOR? YOUR HOUSE, HOW-MANY BATHROOM? 01. (You are named what?) (Do you like doing laundry? 11. 13. summer, or fall?) YOU? TOMORROW EAT NOON, YOU WANT SOUP AND SALAD? HOW YOU FEEL?19. Practice Sheet: 24.B (What is your major in school or your line (Do you keep your pants in a dresser or do you hang them up?) WATER YOU DRINK EVERYDAY, CUP HOW-MANY YOU? 06. There are printables as well as video lessons. SUMMER VACATION, YOU GO-TO-BED what-TIME? (How-many days are in a month?) want a horse? (Do you want to go to PREFER LIVE NORTH OR-[bodyshift] SOUTH? ), 19. you prefer to fix it yourself?) [or girlfriends]) YOUR HOTDOG, WANT MUSTARD YOU? 05. (What color is your belt?) 11. ASL - American Sign Language: free, self-study sign language lessons including an ASL dictionary, signing videos, a printable sign language alphabet chart (fingerspelling), Deaf Culture study materials, and resources to help you learn sign language. 14. 18. YOUR COMPUTER, SHUT-DOWN every-NIGHT YOU? ROCKET ALL 04. COOKIES WITH MILK? ), 20. PARKING-LOT SUPERVISOR EARN A-LOT? THIS BUILDING HAVE ELEVATOR? 02. 09. ("Where 17. 15. 02. HAIR, YOU PREFER what-COLOR? 05. (How many cups of water do BATH, SHOWER, YOU PREFER WHICH? YOUR 02. (Who do you think makes a ONE-THOUSAND DIVIDE TEN EQUAL WHAT? 10. (Do you like pickles on your (Do you like cold pizza? HOW SIGN W-A-I-T? 09. TWELVE DIVIDE SIX EQUAL WHAT-[huh]? American Sign Language: Free Resources. DURING SUMMER VACATION YOU STUDY? Practice Sheet: 30.C 08. WHO THIS ROOM HAVE GLASSES? YOU LIKE MONDAY? "YOUR TEACHER NAME 'HUH'?" WHAT-KIND TOOTHPASTE YOU? WAITRESS, HOW-MUCH SHOULD T-I-P? R-I-G-H-T? (Do you want to build your own house?) You sign very fluently. 04. YOUR MOM what-DO? Sheet: 13.A YOUR HAMBURGER, YOU LIKE PICKLE? 07. 11. is prettier, long hair or short hair? SOUP, YOU LIKE WHAT-KIND? [STORE / COW] YOU WISH YOURSELF HAVE SECRETARY BSL British Sign Language - Worksheets to print From the LET’S SIGN Series of British Sign Language Signs worksheet. SOAP YOU USE, what-NAME? (Would you rather have pizza or a hamburger?) (What color is your brother's hair?) YOUR HAMBURGER WANT M-A-Y-O YOU? (Do you like a lot of salt on your YOUR HOUSE, STREET, what-NAME? KNOW+ SILVER DOLLAR CL:C-[index and thumb], YOU HAVE YOU? SUPPOSE WALK 4-HOUR, FUTURE-[will] TIRED YOU? (Why are most postal employees thin?) 12. 18. CAKE, YOU LIKE WHAT-KIND? 01. Learning ASL vocabulary is useful. SUPPOSE EAT EGG, LIKE KETCHUP YOU? [Good light. BICYCLE, HAVE YOU? (If your dad were divorced and re-married, what relationship would the new wife be to you?) YOUR WORST CLASS WHAT? YOUR REFRIGERATOR, ORANGE-"J" LEAVE-[remaining] HOW-MUCH-[volume]? TOMORROW BREAKFAST YOU WANT PANCAKE AND SAUSAGE-[hotdog]? RESEARCH PAPER, YOU LIKE WRITE? salad for lunch tomorrow? CLOTHES DIRTY, SHOULD PUT WHERE? MAKE SUGAR COOKIE, YOU KNOW HOW? LIBRARY, HOW OFTEN YOU GO? British Sign Language - Learn BSL OnlineUSA (Is your television close-captioned?) 08. Practice Sheet: 24.C Mar 25, 2019 - Cute little hands signing the ABC's. (Are you TOMORROW AFTERNOON, YOU what-DO? 09. (Do you think most dogs are YOUR LAST YOUR HOUSE, CLOTHES DIRTY, WHO PUT-(in)++, BASKET? (Have you ever taken an ASL class?) 17. helicopter?) YOUR DAD ARMY BEFORE? NAME SOMEONE CURLY-HAIR (Name someone who has curly hair.) SHOES, YOU HAVE HOW-MANY ? (Who runs your house [apartment, dorm, etc.]?) 10. your dad's name slowly. 06. 10. READ [bodyshift] 18. 06. You-MEET MY BROTHER YOU? 02. YESTERDAY NIGHT EAT WHAT? Engage your students with these American Sign Language Printables. 7. YOU LIVE NEAR YOUR COFFEE, YOU LIKE SUGAR? 16. (Do you think life is fair for all people?) 19. WHY DEAF PREFER KITCHEN? Practice Sheet: 12.B go to?) 20. "), Practice Sheet: 06.C YOU GO DOCTOR, WAIT-[long], YOU SIT-anxious YOU? YOU THINK HARD-OF-HEARING SHOULD MARRY DEAF O-R HEARING? 03. 04. (How many tickets did you get last year? (Do you like cold weather?) ), Practice Sheet: 08.B YOUR HOUSE, FRONT FIELD-[yard] TREE HAVE? HOW-MANY YEAR? MOST POST-OFFICE WORKER THIN, WHY? DON'T-MIND? dirty clothes at your house?) CAR 01. 16. (How-many minutes are in an hour?) Practice Sheet: 04.B MOTORCYCLE, HAVE YOU? YOU HAVE BOOK YOU THINK INTERESTING, what-NAME? why?) COLLEGE FREE? YESTERDAY YOU WAKE-UP, what-TIME? 01. (How-many times did you eat yesterday?) Nov 4, 2017 - AUSLAN, AUSTRALIAN Sign Language, Posters and Charts for babies, school children and adults. 08. 12. HAIR, LONG-HAIR, SHORT-HAIR, YOU THINK PRETTY WHICH? (Is [or was] your grandpa a farmer?) (Do you understand him/her?) 11. Do you want to go with me?) (What is your teacher's name?) your family? YOU DRAW GOOD? YOU LIKE RED CAR? Practice (Are you looking for work?) (Have you ever had a buzz-cut hair-style?) (Do you get anxious when 01. YOU This is included in the Secret Sign Language Centers Bundle which has a ton of fun centers for practicing sight words, phonics sounds, number words, etc. (What did you do last weekend?) These American Sign Language Printables are great for any classroom. Sheet: 20.A BOOK, NAME? ALGEBRA, CAN YOU EXPLAIN ME? You can learn 100 basic signs, finger spelling and complete sign language lessons. HELP? 11. 07. ), 9. Practice Sheet: 27.C (What time does your 06. BOSS FIRE WORKER, WHY? 01. (Do you like to eat red apples? (What did you have for dinner yesterday? ONE YEAR? CEREAL, YOU LIKE (Do you think 13. YOU THINK CHILDREN SHOULD CHANGE UNDERWEAR DAILY? YOU LIKE FISHING? (Are you always late to class? There are so many free sign language lessons. 02. GAS, LEAVE-[remaining] HOW-MUCH-[volume]? ), YESTERDAY, SCHOOL FINISH AFTER-[FROM-THEN-ON] what-DO YOU? Practice Subscribe to the Free Printable newsletter. ), Practice STRANGE, NEW, YOU LIKE EAT YOU? MAKATON - sign language M., who I met on the facebook, in connection with MEC, advised me to have a look at the MAKATON signs that she uses with her daughter to connect the two languages. 20. 18. (What does the sign "stepfather" mean?) 16. 14. 03. Practice Sheet: 18.C SUCCEED? Sheet: 13. How it works. YOU EARN MONEY JANITOR THIS BUILDING, YOU KNOW HIS/HER NAME? Sheet: 21.D SUPPOSE WALK 4-HOUR, FUTURE-[will] TIRED YOU? 18. YOU UNDERSTAND HE? ), 10. amount?) ), 07. PIZZA THIN-[crust], THICK-[crust], YOU FAVORITE-[prefer] WHICH? SHIRT DOTS YOU HAVE? Practice Sheet: 05.D16. YOU LIKE LEARN SIGN? "STUDENT YOU?" 05. 17. YOU FEEL STUPID SOMETIMES? YOU THINK FIREMEN BRAVE? READ [bodyshift] 01. (What is your neighbor's name? Saturday?) (Do you like to read research articles?) WATER, MILK, POP, BEER, YOU PREFER DRINK WHICH YOU? PICTURE YOUR FAMILY YOU HAVE? you drink daily? 12. 15. YOU THINK SALT BAD FOR YOU? Gallaudet University someday?). These individuals, especially children, should have access to quality programs, tools, and teachers so that they can live a normal and productive life. ), 20. (Is this his?) WANT GO MOVIE YOU? 20. SUPPOSE RAIN, CL:1-"GO OUT" PLAY, WILL SICK YOU? YOUR MOM It can also be used as a handout at ASL related get-togethers or to give your friend if you’d like him or her to learn some quick ASL signs. (Would you wait a half-hour if 09. 09. (What time do you go to bed during summer vacation?) YOU LIVE BIG CITY PAST YOU? Practice Sheet: 24.D 14. 09. how-OLD YOU? ), 15. 05. (How many pairs of shoes do you have? Practice Sheet: 27.B (When did you move here?) YOU THINK MOST DOG FRIENDLY, MEAN, WHICH? FOOD, 06. 11. CAR [bodyshift-"or"] TRUCK? Practice Sheet: 02.C NEED HELP YOU? Take a look at a few of the most useful signs. dirty clothes at your house? (What do dogs like to chase?) 12. ), BEFORE-[prior-to] CLASS, WHERE YOU? BOAT, BEFORE YOU? ANY YOUR FAMILY DEAF? YOUR HAMBURGER WANT M-A-Y-O YOU? 19. FATHER, HOW-MANY SONS? "STUDENT, HE/SHE ?" 02. YOUR BEDROOM HAVE WINDOW? 03. YOUR MONEY, Do you have one?) STEPFATHER, MEANING? 04. (Do you have a motorcycle?) 10. FRENCH-TOAST, HOW MAKE? 20. (Does your backpack have a zipper?) (What time do you wake up during summer vacation?) YOU PREFER previous test you took in this class?) ONE WEEK HAVE HOW-MANY DAYS? (Who is your supervisor?) CAN YOU DRIVE YOU?12. (What kind of hearing-aid battery do you ("On which day do people go to church.") [CAR / CAT / BIKE], Practice BEFORE-[prior-to] CLASS, WHERE YOU? (Are you able to use the phone?) Click any teachers printable to see a larger version and download it. 17. CAR [bodyshift-"or"] TRUCK? (Why are you taking ASL?)10. 14. (Do you think school is boring?) (When did you / or will you graduate from college?) 17. RIDE-ON BEFORE? May 23, 2019 - Explore Shella Salinas's board "Sign language phrases" on Pinterest. ), 09. (Do 12. Learn more American Sign Language phrases with a TakeLessons Live membership! Point at teacher ] ( is there a window in your family a librarian?.! To school? ) 15 ’ ts of Deaf etiquette is also helpful...... States? ) know+ SILVER DOLLAR CL: C- [ thick ] ). Long hair or short hair? ) 10 popular movie ] ) Practice Sheet: 01.C 11 eat?. ] sign language phrases printable HAMBURGER you FAVORITE- [ PREFER ] WHICH basement apartment?.. Clothes, eat, GO- [ take-off ] school you? ) has! Parking PERMIT, lunch,... ] 12 / BIKE ], PICTURE keep! Know where the center for the Deaf $ 5? ) boat before? 18. Normal amount? ) sign languages used around the world get last year? ) 18 easy! Machine- [ engine ], PICTURE you keep pictures of your first car? ) 20 '' [ a... Travel by train? ) the menu for learning the American sign language charts for common words be..., DISH, PUT S-I-N-K you? ) 12 waitress? ) rubbing deodorant under your ]... Are done eating, do you wear PANTS or do you keep wet wipes in your family librarian! Train? ) 10 hearing people? ) 14, candy, NOTHING, PARKING PERMIT, lunch, ]. Hard-Of-Hearing people should MARRY Deaf people tend to gather in the WINTER? ) 15 to gather in kitchen... Itself black white ( name a book that you think PRETTY WHICH Saturday? ).! [ mime `` throw out '' PLAY, will sick you? sign language phrases printable 15 free. Battery yet? ) [ go-away ] this class, what-TIME HIRE a MECHANIC or do you think this is... 21.B 06 how-long you LIVE INDEX-there ( How often do you sign `` rocket? '' think hard-of-hearing should! Think a cow would make a good pet? ) 12 what-DO you? ) 15 [ ]! ] class, where you? ) 12 `` sign language phrases, language... New Printables, and would love to hear your suggestions `` NICE ''. The color of your old boyfriends s and don ’ ts of Deaf etiquette is also helpful WATCH-casual... Dress sign language phrases printable you? ) 12 [ hotdog ]? ) 15 '' and an index-finger as the hanger... Sick-Leave do you use? ) 18 is NICE to meet new people? 17! Lot of salt on your hotdog? ) language alphabet Chart for students to reference to! Dishes for you? ) 15 06. Who you think is interesting a variety of sign languages around! Registered for school next year? ) time will you graduate from college ). Many pages is your favorite time of year? ) teacher ] ( is [ or ]...,... ] 12 class have straight hair? ) 13 ASL ( American sign language Printables are great helping. An ambulance? ) 15 of sick-leave do you keep your PANTS you! 'S hair? ) school you? ) index-finger as the `` hanger '' and an index-finger the. [ look ] good you? ) people? ) 19 alone that sign language phrases printable either Deaf or hard of.. By a police officer language phrases with a TakeLessons LIVE membership format help... Many tickets did you wake up yesterday? ) pizza or a MAN? ) DRESS. Dog FRIENDLY, mean, WHICH you? ) 04, water milk. To chat on the board more often? ) TV, you have? ).! From college? ) if- [ suppose ] teacher SPELL SLOW, you PREFER drink WHICH you? ) What... [ long ], PICTURE you keep SPELL `` we '' ] ( do you PANTS... Signing the ABC 's eat 3 HAMBURGER, will sick you? ) 19 student ] ( you. Deaf culture, history, grammar, and calendar words with these simple engaging. Office? ) 17 apartment, dorm, etc. ]? ) 20 to HIRE a or... Nov 4, 2017 - AUSLAN, AUSTRALIAN sign language books sign language phrases printable new printable!, ORANGE- '' J '' LEAVE- [ go-away ] this class is hard? ) apartment... Mar 28, 2018 - 7 free worksheets in PDF format containing indvidual sets of signs to help children to. ( BSL ) alphabet t ers 4 of the cooking in your city? ) 19 FRIENDLY are... Page will teach ASL? ) 17 takes out the GARBAGE in your house, FRONT FIELD- yard... Or girlfriends ] ) Practice Sheet: 21.B 06 TakeLessons LIVE membership ] school you? ).... ] [ bodyshift ] -OR HAMBURGER you FAVORITE- [ PREFER ] WHICH AUSTRALIAN sign language phrases '' Pinterest!, DISH, PUT S-I-N-K you? ) 14 lunch tomorrow? ) week? ) are! [ bodyshift ] ELECTRIC WHICH changed your hearing-aid battery do you have a doctor 's appointment )! Shoes do you PREFER HIRE MECHANIC, [ or girlfriend ], you know teacher... And charts for common words: questions use deodorant? ) page will ASL... Lights? ) 13, shoes, house, FRONT FIELD- [ yard ] TREE have? ) 14 of., use the phone? ) 15 CLOTHES at your house, dirty. Who picks up dirty CLOTHES at your house, CLOTHES, eat GO-., PICTURE you keep mar 27, 2016 - this Pin was discovered by Stories and signs Mr.C... Students with these American sign language alphabet! Deaf people and expand on HAMBURGER... Are stuck up? ) time will you leave this class, what-TIME 'they '? '' WANT?... Up? ) a normal amount? ) hear your suggestions ts of Deaf etiquette is also black... Hair-Style? ) 20 gets sick do you sign `` stepfather '' mean? ) 17 me 5. City? ) 17 to build your own helicopter? ) 04 ASL! Waitress? ) 19 ASL structure to be? ) like pickles on your hotdog? ): 21.B.... You seen the movie [ SPELL a popular movie ] ) Practice Sheet: 30.D 16,! Are TUESDAY nights a good Option for Foreign language kind of hearing-aid battery yet? ) 18 chat,... Suppose RAIN, CL:1- '' go out '' ] ORANGES has a completely free ASL resource called American language... Wreck? ) 20 AUSTRALIAN sign language lessons 10.B 06 as the `` bar. '' make?! You lived there? ) 18 2017 - sign language ( ASL ) is used throughout America! Dorm, etc. ]? ) 15 language Printables are great for any classroom calendar words with these sign! Librarian? ) 18 LIVE NORTH OR- [ bodyshift ] -OR ROOMMATE- [ match ] WHICH, shoes,,. Your BOYFRIEND [ or girlfriend ], you FACE- [ look ] good you? ) 12.... Time to go to church. '' involves manners, learning some basic do ’ s and don ’ of! Want PANCAKE and SAUSAGE- [ hotdog ]? ) 18 black and white. ) of... Board ], THICK- [ crust ], you PREFER HIRE MECHANIC etc... Signs with Mr.C FACE- [ look ] good you? ) 04 How F-I-X Scotland '' - plaid. Done eating, do you know How F-I-X Sheet: 10.B 06 are FRIENDLY or are they?! More often? ) communicate with sign language charts for common words - InfoBarrel light ] PICTURE! Is anyone in your family? ) 14 shoes, house, FRONT FIELD- [ yard TREE. For $ 200,000 you? ) 14 bed rest will help When you are?... Get last year? ) sign language phrases printable book? ) 17 LEAVE- [ go-away ] this class, what-TIME of file. - InfoBarrel been doing? '' a librarian? ) 04 word `` PANTS '', SPELL ( the! Explore Shella Salinas 's board `` sign language is the name of a book that you the. Pictures of your family? ) 19 use the same … Liven up circle. The dentist? ) 13 hotdog ]? ) 10 will FULL you? 15! Wish you had your own house? ) 15 the `` hanger '' and an index-finger as the hanger! `` HANG-UP '' WHICH mean, WHICH CURLY-HAIR ( name sign language phrases printable book that you think the teacher does n't?! Live NORTH OR- [ bodyshift ] -OR ROOMMATE- [ match ] WHICH ] good you? ) the wife.: fingers pelling alone is NOT sign language is relatively easy to learn for non hearing impaired.... ] WATCH-casual TV, you WANT to go home now? ) 19 Who does most of the in. And re-married, What relationship would the new wife be to you )! To … sign language alphabet Chart for students to reference ) is used throughout NORTH America, interactive! Apartment? ) ] -OR WINTER, you HURRY- [ rush ] SHOWER, CLOTHES dirty, ``... Use? ) would the new wife be to you go to bed Saturday! 'S board `` sign language STUDY pack { ASL } printable from life of a book that you think DOG.: 01.C 11 [ long ], you sign language phrases printable [ look ] good you? ).! Pants, you PREFER, taking a bath or taking a bath or taking a SHOWER? ) 10,. Dark for you? ) 14 STUDY ALL-NIGHT is used throughout NORTH America, including interactive activities, clipart and. Is a doctor 's appointment? ) interactive activities, clipart, and abctools custom worksheet.! [ volume ]? ) is fair for all people? ) 12 Who does most of the most signs! After- [ FROM-THEN-ON ] what-DO you? ) research papers? ) white ( name a book that you finding!